Top Facts About Marc Bartra, The Most Promising Centre-Back

Sun 07 March 2021 | 8:30

Marc Bartra is a Spanish footballer who plays as a centre-back for Real Betis. He is a successful young footballer who also plays for the Spain national team. Bartra is a name you will not forget in football. Learn all the top facts about Marc Bartra in this article.

Marc Bartra is mainly known for his speed and passing. The young star not only is physically strong, but he also is mentally strong which is very important on the football pitch. Bartra is capable of playing as a right-back too, where he could assist his teammates. The list of the young star trophies and achievements is long so stay tuned and find out the untold storyline of the football star in this article.

In addition to Marc Bartra transfer market stats and the details of his career, we will go through Marc Bartra personal life and the love story with his stunning wife. Find out all the details about his wife and how the couple fell in love in this article. We will start the storyline with

Marc Bartra childhood

and then get into the details of his career in football.

Top Facts About Marc Bartra, You Probably Didn’t Know

Bartra is highly regarded as one of the most promising centre-backs during his first days on the pitch. The young star worked hard to improve his skills. Marc Bartra won the 2013 European Championships with Spain's under-21 team. The football star made his senior debut in 2013 and later was elected for the Euro 2016. Stay tuned and find out

top facts about Marc Bartra

in the following.

Marc Bartra Childhood and Siblings  

Now let’s start with Marc Bartra Childhood. Marc Bartra Aregall was born on 15 January 1991, in Sant Jaume, Spain to Josep Batra and Montse Argall. At such a young age, Bartra showed interest in football, and he dedicated himself to be a good player and worked hard. Bartra has a twin brother, Eric Bartra who also made a career for himself in football. Eric used to play for the Catalan giants but today he is coaching the youth team.

Marc Bartra parents

were very supportive of their son and encouraged him to make his dream of being a professional football player come true. Marc Bartra age was 12 when he moved to FC


’s La Masia Academy from RCD


. Bartra represented the youth team back in 2007. He showed such a good performance and caught the coach’s attention.

After two years he was promoted to the Spanish Giant’s B side. In February 2010, at the Vicente Calderón, Pep Guardiola gave the young footballer the opportunity to make his senior team debut in the 61st minute over Atletico Madrid. He came in as a substitute for Jeffren Suarez. Marc Bartra parents were very proud of their son, but this was just the beginning. Learn more top facts about Marc Bartra in the following.

Marc Bartra Rise to Glory at Barcelona

After a year and a few months, the young footballer appeared in his first

La Liga

game. He played the whole 90 minutes in a 0-0 home draw over Deportivo de La Coruña. During his time in Barcelona, Bartra had the chance to meet Xavi. Xavi is a former professional footballer who currently is a football manager. Xavi is highly regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of history. Later Bartra revealed that Xavi helped him a lot during his time at Barcelona and he received words of wisdom from the football legend before his debut for the club.

In an interview with L'Équipe, the young footballer recalled the time that Xavi passed on valuable advice to him: “Stay calm. If you don’t know who to give the ball to, pass it to me. And if there’s someone on your heels, give it to me as well.” Later on 21 May 2011, Bartra scored his first goal and helped the team to a 3-1 victory at Málaga CF in the season’s last round. In the 2012–13 campaign the Spanish footballer was included in the first team squad permanently.

However, the manager Tito Vilanova tended to field Javier Mascherano, Alex Song, and


ahead of him, and Bartra only appeared in 16 games in all the competitions.  In March 2014, he extended his contract for three years. On 16 April 2014, in the final of the Copa del Rey over

Real Madrid

, only five minutes was left of the game while Gareth Bale outsprinted Bartra from the halfway line and scored the winning goal. Bartra remained as the third or fourth choice under the supervision of the new manager Luis Enrique. According to

Marc Bartra stats

he made 103 appearances and scored 6 goals. Find out more top facts about Marc Bartra in the following.

Marc Bartra Joins Borussia Dortmund

Marc Bartra transfer market stats

indicate on 3 June 2016, he was sold to the German club Borussia Dortmund for an estimated fee of €8 million. the footballer commented upon his leave: “I want to give special thanks to every single Barca fan, the fondness and love that you have made me feel every day I have been in this home have served me to keep moving forward, fighting and making sense of all the work I put in to keep defending this team and our colors. I move on with a warm heart.” Bartra signed a four-year contract with the German club.

On August 14, the footballer made his debut in a 0-2 defeat over

FC Bayern Munich

for the DFL-Supercup. The next month Bartra scored his first goal in a 6-0 victory at Legia Warsaw for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. The young footballer continued with his amazing performance and amazed everyone on the pitch. As we mentioned before Bartra is well known for his speed and not only physically but he is mentally strong as well. However, the time Bartra served at the German club was brief due to a violent accident. Find out what made the Spanish footballer leave


in the following.

The Attack On Borussia Dortmund Team Bus

Top facts about Marc Bartra

indicate, on April 11, 2017, in Dortmund, Germany, the tour bus of the team was attacked with roadside bombs. The bus was taking the team to the Westfalenstadion for the first leg of their quarter-final over Monaco in the UEFA Champions League.

Marc Bartra

along with a police officer was injured, but there were no further causalities. Shards of glass from broken windows of the bus wounded Bartra wrest, and he was taken immediately to the hospital where he went under surgery. The game got postponed to the next day which was a 3-2 victory for Monaco.

This was an attempt of murder and German police started investigations regarding the incident. Later on 21 April 2017, the police efforts paid off and they arrested a 28-year-old German-Russian citizen named Sergej Wenergold. He was charged with the 20-fold attempted murder. The man has planted explosives near the bus and he remotely triggered the explosion. Bartra was hospitalized for five days and later the footballer stated in a hearing in Dortmund: “I was afraid I would never see my family again, I still haven’t fully got over the attack and continue to suffer. I feared there would be more attacks, my arm was bleeding, I was dizzy.”

Marc Bartra Leaves BVB Following the Incident

After the incident, the footballer decided to leave the club. He received support and compassion from BVB fans and he further commented upon his leave: “I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to visit my old teammates at a home game again so soon after leaving and to say goodbye to the fantastic Dortmund fans. We experienced and went through a lot together, so I’m sure it’ll be a very emotional moment on Thursday, and I'm really looking forward to it.” Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke stated about Bartra: “Marc is a wonderful person and a great footballer, who won us all over straight away.”

He added: “Unfortunately, he was subject to something absolutely terrible in Dortmund through the cowardly attack [on the team bus]. Given that backdrop, we respect Marc's desire to return to his homeland and leave all that behind him. As we feel indebted to Marc in a special way we were very accommodating in negotiating this transfer. Borussia Dortmund wishes Marc and his family all the best for the future. We'll always be connected with each other.” According to Marc Bartra stats he made 51 appearances and scored 5 goals for the club. Find out more

top facts about Marc Bartra

in the following.

Marc Bartra Joins Real Betis

Based on Marc Bartra transfer market stats, on 30 January 2018, the footballer got transferred to

Real Betis

and signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with the Spanish club. Real Betis is a Spanish professional football club which is based in Seville. This club was founded on 12 September 1907 and, it plays in La Liga, also the club won the

Segunda División

in the 2014–15 season. In an interview, Bartra told the club’s website: “Since my name came up as a possible candidate to come here, I started to feel the love through social media, a lot, I even have goosebumps.”

He added: “I received a lot of messages to come to Betis. I knew it would not be easy. But when you really want something, you feel like it, and you feel it, it all becomes easier. The project here is very good; it can be seen. I'm sure it will improve. The confidence they laid on me from the very first moment has been key. Since they contacted me and told me about coming to Betis, I really liked the idea. Also, the playing style and the fans is an extra. It will make me ready to help to make everything work and make a successful season.”

Bartra scored his first goal for the team on 12 May in a 2-2 derby home draw against

Sevilla FC

. Bartra had a disallowed goal in a 2-0 defeat to Valencia. The footballer expressed his frustration on Twitter: “In Germany, we were all a lot more laid back about it [video assist] because it helps the referees a lot more. Everything happens so fast during a game so it's hard to make the right decision.” Find out facts about Marc Bartra wife and their love story in the following.

Marc Bartra Love Story with The Stunning Journalist

Now let’s get into the details of

Marc Bartra wife

and how the couple met each other. Marc Bartra met Melissa Jiménez back in February 2014. Melissa was born on June 26, 1987, in Seville, Spain. The stunning beauty is a Journalist and she currently works as a MotoGP reporter for Mediaset, Telecinco. Melissa is responsible for transmitting the motorcycle world championship of the Telecinco Network. She previously worked for NGM Forward Racing & SKY as well.

As you can see Melissa is not just a pretty face, she works very hard for her career. The Spanish beauty is popular on Instagram and more than 600k people follow her. Marc Bartra wife celebrated the 30th birthday of Bartra. She posted a photo on Instagram and captioned: “Cause all of me loves you. Happy birthday my love. I wish you all the best in the world! May the 30 be filled with health, love and happiness. I love you.” Find out fact about

Marc Bartra children

and their wedding ceremony in the following.

Marc Bartra Children

As for Marc Bartra children, on March 10, 2015, the couple announced they are about to become parents. On August 18, 2015, they welcomed their firstborn child, a healthy daughter who they named Gala Bartra Jiménez.

Marc Bartra age

was 24 when he became a father for the first time. On October 10, 2016, the pair shared the news of their engagement with everyone and on June 18, 2017, Melissa walked down the aisle and the couple was announced husband and wife among their family and friends. Scroll down for their wedding picture.

The couple got married in Barcelona the same place their daughter was born. Bartra stated about the wedding ceremony: “And the big day arrived and the wait is long because of the enormous desire to see her in white walking towards me... In front of all those people that we both love and that mean so much to us. I'm going to fulfill another dream, the dream with the most love and feeling of my life, because you are the woman I have always dreamed of!”

On December 24, 2017, the couple announced they were going to be parents for the second time. On 25 April 2018, their second daughter Abril Bartra Jiménez was born in Seville. At the time Bartra was signing a contract with Real Betis as a result his wife had to move her home to Seville. On October 26, 2019, the couple welcomed their third child Max Bartra Jiménez. Find out facts about

Marc Bartra net worth

and salary in the following.

Marc Bartra Net Worth and Salary

Now let’s get into the details of Marc Bartra salary and income. For a professional footballer who came a long way and played for big clubs

Marc Bartra salary

and net worth must have been sky high. Over the years Bartra improved his skills on the pitch and showed amazing performance which made lots of big clubs eager to sign a contract with him. Currently the football star plays for the Spanish club, Real Betis and weekly he is being paid more than €70k. The football star also took part in lots of charity events.

Recently he posted a photo on his Instagram and captioned: “I know it’s a difficult time for everyone so I decided to join @verseapp (which is a sending and receiving money app) to share €30k among all of my followers. It is very easy to participate. Tell me in the comments what you would use this extra money for including your username in verse and we will send €300 to 100 people from my verse account.” As you can see Marc Bartra is a good-hearted person. It is estimated that Marc Bartra net worth Is more than €10 million.

Marc Bartra Social Media Accounts

Now let’s get into the detail of

Marc Bartra social media accounts

. The football star has lots of fans worldwide. He is very popular on social media. On Instagram Bartra is available by the username of


. More than 6 million fans follow his account and keep up with his daily life and the photos he shares. Looks like the footballer is a big fan of the Spanish heist crime drama television series. He posted a photo wearing a costume of the show and captioned: “when you’ve been waiting so long to see the season four money heist and you finish watching it in two days.”

According to

Marc Bartra personal life

he also is a fan of the Prison Break series. He posted a photo comparing himself and his twin brother Eric to the main characters of the show. He captioned: “My brother @ericbartra and I, are ready.” As for other Marc Bartra social media accounts, the footballer has an account on Twitter which he has signed up by the username of


and more than 2 million fans follow his account. On Facebook, Bartra is available by the username of


. More than 4 million people follow him on this platform. You can follow the footballer on social media and get more updates on his life.

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