Hopkins: We played some really good football

Thu 04 March 2021 | 20:26

Melbourne Victory boss is delighted with the victory over Western Sydney.

Melbourne Victory


Western Sydney

on Thursday in a W-League clash and managed to leave the pitch with a 1-0 victory.

Melbourne Victory boss

Jeff Hopkins

is delighted with his team’s performance.

"I was pretty pleased with a lot of things,"

Hopkins said.

"We played some really good football first half, I think we were in charge of the game for most of the time, but probably our final pass, our finishing, our decision making on either the execution of the final pass or the choice of the final pass let us down a little bit.

"In general we were on top in the game, I thought in terms of when we were going forward as well I thought our rest defense was much better this week, we didn't let them break too much on us and when they did I thought our two central defenders did a great job in keeping their strikers quiet. I was pretty pleased with a number of things.

"We just need to work on finishing teams off a little bit better than we did so we're not as frantic in the last 10 minutes of the game where the game is still up for grabs when really I thought a second goal would've killed the game off, would've made things a little bit more comfortable for us.

"But credit to them, they've got a good team unit, they never gave up and the players they brought on made a difference and gave them energy and at 1-0 the game was still in the balance, although I never felt really threatened, you never really know that so credit to them for going right to the last minute."

source: SportMob