Richards: Hoffenheim can be the first team to win the Europa League

Thu 25 February 2021 | 1:50

It has been less than one month since the time Chris Richards joined Hoffenheim on loan but the 20-year-old thinks that his club might be the club that can win the Europa League.

Having joined


on February 1st on a loan from

Bayern Munich


Chris Richards

is confident enough after

the 4-0 victory over


to claim that Hoffenheim can be the first Bundesliga club

"to win the Europa League".

He talked about the club's current strength and said:

"The win against Bremen gives us lots of confidence ahead of Molde.

"We all have high hopes. We also have the strength to beat any team. I think it's possible that we can perhaps be the first team from the Bundesliga to win the Europa League."

Sabastian Hoeneß

, Hoffenheim trainer, who knows Richards since when the 20-year-old was being trained for Bayern, commented upon Richard's sayings and referred to it as an

"interesting statement".

"An interesting statement. I think it's basically positive, but for us it's mainly a manner of reaching the next round. On the one hand, we need a certain humility. The optimism from Chris nevertheless makes for a good mix."

 Hoeneß said.

Richards has made two League appearances for Hoffenheim in first of which he appeared strong against

Eintracht Frankfurt

which resulted in a 3-1 win.

source: SportMob