Top facts about Lorelei Taron, Radamel Falcao’s stunning wife

Mon 15 February 2021 | 7:30

Lorelei Taron is an Argentinian Singer who married the Colombian football player Radamel Falcao. Radamel Falcao plays as a forward for Super Lig Club Galatasaray. Lorelei and Radamel tied the knots in 2007. Read the following article to learn more facts about Lorelei Taron.

Radamel Falcao is a Colombian football player who is sometimes known as “El Tigre” or “king of the Europa League.” He was born on 10 February 1986 in Colombia. He started his professional career when he was 13 years old. When his family moved from Venezuela to Colombia in 1995, Radamel focused his attention on football and became obsessive about it.

Lorelei Taron is born to German parents and grew up to become a singer. She first met Radamel in her church when she was sixteen. They fell in love and started dating. The couple got married in 2007 and now have four beautiful children together. It is incredible to know a person for such a long time and know that he is not only your husband, but also your best friend.

Read on to learn more facts about Lorelei Taron:

Lorelei Taron is a glamorous singer with an amazing Instagram follower. She is one of the wealthiest Britain WAGs. This is an amazing

 fact about Lorelei Taron, Radamel Falcao’s stunning wife

. She is very charming and hard working. Working with her is easy for her coworkers. There are so many other things about her that are just wonderful, so stay with me to learn more.

Lorelei Taron biography

Lorelei Taron was born on 17 June 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. People with this zodiac sign are curious and energetic. Usually, they can focus on more than one passion at a time. They are very friendly with people and sometimes are considered to be talkative. They are not very good at expressing their emotions. These people are very playful and love being in crowds and parties.

Like people born with the Gemini zodiac sign, Lorelei Taron is very kind and passionate. She has a good spirit and she is always ready to do something new. It means that she isn’t afraid to take any risks. Lorelei loves a big family and that is probably why she has a big one now, which is an incredible fact about Lorelei Taron.

Lorelei Taron parents

raised her to be a strong woman. They have always cared for her and her other two siblings, Dominique and Desirée García Taron. She adores her siblings and has a close relationship with them. Lorelei has always been singing since she can remember. When she was young, she used to sing while playing and doing everything else, which is an interesting fact about Lorelei Taron.

Lorelei Taron Childhood

 was a happy one filled with memories that always make her smile. She had a great time at school hanging out with her friends. One of the interesting facts about Lorelei Taron is that she cares deeply about her family and friends and her close relations are always in her priorities. To her, family always comes first. Unfortunately, there is not much known about Lorelei Taron personal life before she became famous.

Lorelei Taron Professional life

It was Lorelei Taron parents who made her so interested in music and they taught her all about music. When she was only four years old she started playing the piano and singing. Music has always been her passion and she has tried so hard to achieve her dream. She loves creating music and she has famous singles such as “No Me Rendire” and “Me Dices.” These two songs are among the most-streamed hits, which is an incredible fact about Lorelei Taron.

Lorelei Taron age

 is 33 and so far she has led a very successful life. She is talented and pursued her career in her birthplace Buenos Aires. She has worked alongside Alex Campos. Lorelei is an impressive character and a strong woman like her can have an effective role as a mother. Raising her kids the best way possible really matters to her. This is a heart-warming fact about Lorelei Taron.

Lorelei has a beautiful complexion and is considered to be one of the prettiest WAGs. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She also has a nice figure and looks very stunning in her clothes. Unfortunately, 

Lorelei Taron body measurement

 is not available. Working out is very important to her. She does her exercises every day which includes boxing and following a training program with a personal trainer.

Lorelei Taron website

Lorelei has established a professional website to connect with her fans directly and share her music with the world. On her website, there is a special part focusing on her music, future events, and her music story. There is also a blog in which she shares her daily and personal life. This is a fantastic fact about Lorelei Taron, Radamel Falcao’s wife. Her website motto is very insightful. It says:” Love always. Laugh every day. Live every moment.” You can find her website with this address: 



Lorelei Taron music story

As mentioned before, she started music when she was four years old. She has been practicing music ever since. She studied lyrical singing at the Instituto Superior de Arte in theater Colon, Buenos Aires. Afterward, she continued her studies in Portugal at the Conservatorio de Música do Porto. It was in Portugal that she made her first debut. She was invited to sing at the emblematic Casa da Música.

Later she moved to Madrid where she was able to reach for stars and become skillful at her career. This place provides many opportunities for her professional life. She sang for a charity event for children suffering from cancer. It was a transformational experience for her and she shared this experience with Kike Pavón, Marcos Martín, and Itiel Arroyo.

After sharing this wonderful experience, Lorelei Taron and Kike Pavón decided to record a beautiful song together. The song is called “You sing over me.” After a while, Lorelei and Evan Craft recorded a song called “Stars Align.” It was around this time that she was given the opportunity to sing at the Gospel festival of Bogotá, in Colombia. This is a fantastic 

fact Lorelei Taron


She mentioned that one of her exciting memories of Madrid was that she had the privilege to meet the renowned Spanish DJ and music producer, Carlos Jean. They collaborated with him on a song called “Hay Una luz.” Interestingly, Radamel Falcao had a TV interview and she surprised him by appearing suddenly and singing the song. Although he didn’t understand a word of it, he got very happy.

She was always musically active but followed a slow pace. In 2016, she released her first album called “No Me Rendiré.” The album was produced by the singer and producer Alex Campos. At that time she was pregnant with her second daughter. Surely, publishing her first album was an extraordinary experience of her life, which is one of the best 

facts about Lorelei Taron, Radamel Falcao’s stunning wife


She was so impressed by the crowd that showed up in Buenos Aires at the Luna Park stadium. The most amazing moment for her was the time that the crowd started singing her side. She has always wanted to share her music with the world. That is why this moment was so memorable and special to her. “Ya es Navidad”, “Solo Contigo”, “Todo lo Que Soy” and “Sin Ti” are among her latest releases.


Lorelei Taron net worth and salary

It is very inspiring to be a singer and have an impressive fan base. She is surely considered to be one of the richest WAGs. Sadly, there is no clear information on 

Lorelei Taron salary

. We only can guess it is not a low number. It is obvious that she would always continue singing and pursuing music because music inspires her to live beautifully.

One of the amazing facts about Lorelei Taron is her net worth. 

Lorelei Taron net worth

 is something between $1-5 million. Obviously, she lives a very luxurious life. It is interesting to know that Radamel Falcao's net worth is 70 million dollars. The power couple is very wealthy, but not at all arrogant. They always treat the people around them nicely and with respect.

Lorelei Taron social media

Lorelei Taron social media

 is very active. Previously, we talked about her website and how she writes about her personal and professional life in her blog. Her Instagram has an impressive fan base, which is over one million followers. This is a fantastic fact about Lorelei Taron. She shares posts about her family, daily life, and professional status. You can find her account with



Lorelei Taron Twitter is also active. Although the number of followers is less comparing to her Instagram page, she is still considered to be popular on this particular platform. Lorelei has over 92.1k followers. She usually tweets about her professional life, music, and occasionally about her personal life. If you are interested to follow her tweets, you can find her account with


Lorelei Taron Husband, Radamel Falcao

Radamel Falcao

was born on 10 February 1986 in Santa Marta, Colombia. His mother is Carmenza Zarate and his father is Radamel Garcia who decided to name his son Falcao because of a deep passion that he had for the Brazilian midfielder Paulo Alberto Falcao. It is interesting to know that no one in their family has this name.

Radamel Falcao’s zodiac sign is Aquarius and like many people born with this zodiac sign, Radamel is a strong-natured man who is capable of doing many things. He is very good at critical thinking, taking responsibilities. Based on Radamel’s acquaintances’ opinion of him, he is very friendly and hardworking.

Radamel’s father is a former footballer and the primary reason for his passion for football. He used to beg his father to teach him how to play football. His family is very well-known in Colombia. Radamel’s father was a star footballer during the 70, 80, the 90s. His mother has always have been very supportive and dedicated her life to her family so that Radamel can have the life he wants.

Radamel Falcao club career

When he was 13 years old, Radamel made his first debut with Colombian second-tier club Lanceros Boyaca. At the age of 15, he joined the youth club of Atletico

River Plate

in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was in this club that he picked up his nickname “El Tigre.” He learned many things in this club. Later on, he moved to F.C. Porto in Portugal.

During his time there, he managed to win several trophies. Radamel was also able to become the top goalscorer in international club competitions. He managed to score 17 goals in a European campaign. In 2011, Falcao was transferred to

Atletico Madrid

with a contract fee of €40 million. Interestingly, he was also the top scorer of that season. He was the first player who was able to win consecutive Europa League titles with two teams.

In 2013, Falcao joined newly-promoted


for a club-record of €60 million. Falcao spent the next season on loan at Premier League clubs Manchester United and Chelsea. In 2016, he rejoined Monaco. When his contract was expired with Monaca in 2019, he joined Super Lig


and he is still playing for the team.

Lorelei Taron and Radamel Falcao’s relationship

Apparently, Lorelei and Falcao attended the same church. Falcao was very interested in her, so he asked her out. However, she declined. Falcao never stopped trying until she said yes eventually. They started dating and fell in love with each other. The happy couple tied the knot in December 2007, which was a beautiful and memorable day for the both of them. This is a heart-warming 

fact about Lorelei Taron


They attend ceremonies and events together. As both of them enjoy beaches, a place near the sea or ocean is their favorite holiday destination. They savored every moment together. They decided to wait for a while before they get pregnant. The reason for this decision was probably that they were both young when they got married and they wanted to spend as much time together as possible until they are absolutely ready for kids. 

Lorelei Taron children

are four adorable girls.

Their first daughter was born on 12 August 2013. They called her Dominique Gracia Taron. The love birds welcomed their second daughter in February 2015, they named her Desiree Gracia Taron. Annette Gracia Taron was born in 2017 and Jedidiah Falcao Gracia Taron was born in 2020. Lorelei and Falcao decided that they wanted all their kids to have both of their last names. This is a stunning fact about Lorelei Taron, Radamel Falcao’s stunning wife.

They are now very happy for many reasons. Both of them are very talented in their passion and they are doing an excellent job in their professional life. As for their personal life, they are trying their best to be understanding and caring. Taking care of the kids and raising them right is their number one priority. Lorelei shares many pictures of her beautiful family on Instagram that just melt your heart. It is an inspiring fact about Lorelei Taron to know that she has walked in the path of her dreams and also took care of a family. It is very special when someone is able to do both of them.




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