Top facts about Maria Teresa Matus, Arturo Vidal's stunning wife

Mon 18 January 2021 | 18:30

Maria Teresa Matus is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Read on to find out more facts about Maria Teresa Matus, Arturo Vidal's stunning wife.

Maria Teresa Matus was born on March 28, 1987 in Chile. She is an Instagram model and social media influencer. Most of her posts are about her fashion or her lifestyle. The first

fact about Maria Teresa

is that she has amassed more than 550,000 followers on the platform.

Many people might know Maria Teresa as the wife of the Chilean Football player,

Arturo Vidal

. They were married for 10 years but got divorced in 2019.

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Maria Teresa co-founded the charitable organization I Can.

The followings are some facts about Maria Teresa Matus:

Maria Teresa Matus is from Chile but has lived in Barcelona, Spain. She has three children.

Maria Teresa biography

Maria was born in Chile in 1987, meaning that

Maria Teresa age

is 34 as of 2021. There is not much information about

Maria Teresa’s childhood

or her parents. We don’t know if she has any brother or sister and we don’t know her parents name either.

As many of her followers know, she has been living in Spain for a long time. Probably because of her ex-husband who had to travel around the world and play for various teams.

Maria Teresa now lives in California with her three kids. She always had the dream to become a professional body builder so that’s probably the reason for her to come to the United State and live there.

Maria Teresa love story

The interesting fact about Maria Teresa is that she met Arturo Vidal and suddenly fell in love with him and started dating in 2008. They finally got married in 2009 and became a big family with three beautiful children, Alonso, Elisabetta, and Emiliano.

The couple decided to separate after 10 years living together which was a shock to the football fans and the people who loved Arturo Vidal and Maria Teresa Matus as a couple.


fact about Maria Teresa

is that in the early 2019, she decided to separate from her husband and live alone with her three beautiful kids. An interesting fact about Maria and Arturo’s divorce is that at the time Arturo was playing for the Kule team so she lived in Barcelona to be close to her because of the children.

“We decided to live in Barcelona so that the children are close to the father, it is important that they are close to Arturo. But it was difficult to convince them. Now, everything is fine and they are happy.” She said in an interview about that separation with Luna.

Apparently, living in Barcelona has its own problems too! While she was in a vacation in Dubai with the kids, their house in Barcelona was robbed by a gang thieves and they managed to open the safe which Maria hid under her bed.

The police stated that the robbers stole at least € 30,000 in cash and a Rolex watch which was designed with jewels. The investigation of the case in still going on and they haven’t found the robbers yet. So yes, living in Barcelona has its own problems.

Many people might think that she is upset about the separation. Well of course she was at the beginning but after five months she was actually happy that she could feel independent and free. “I feel independent, free, I can be myself. I enjoy my children, I live every moment with them, I like to enjoy them. I love the country and I love my house,” she said.

Maria Teresa personal life

A noticeable fact about Maria Teresa is that she is currently single although there are some rumors that she is in a relationship with the radio host, Daniel Valenzuela. This rumor got more serious after they shared a fun video on TikTok.

Also, we know that they both live in Spain and their children are best friends. These are good reasons for us to believe that they are together however they’ve never confirmed it.

There is no information about her romantic relationships before marring Arturo Vidal.

Maria Teresa’s personal life

is kept quite away from the spotlight. She tries to keep her personal life to herself and she doesn’t like to talk about that a lot. That is why we don’t know anything about her past relationships and her childhood.

She even made her social media pages like her Instagram page private so that people who don’t know her, couldn’t talk about her personal life.

Maria Teresa Matus body measurement

Speaking of

Maria Teresa’s body measurement

, it should be mentioned that as an Instagram model and influencer, she has a great body although we just shared this fact based on her pictures posted on her page.

There is no exact information about Maria Teresa Matus body measurements. We don’t know her height and weight and we don’t know anything about her shoe or dress size either.

Moreover, as a football player and a professional athletic the body measurements are so important. That is why we are going to talk about Arturo’s body measurement. His height is 5 ft and 11 in or 180 cm and his weight is 75 kg. His strong foot is his right.

Maria Teresa Matus social media


Maria Teresa social media

, it is worth mentioning that she is an Instagram model and influencer. She has more than 566k followers on her Instagram page (


). There are so many beautiful pictures of herself and her three children.

Maria also posts picture of her travels around the world like the one she posted which she wore a nice white skirt and a nice hat on a beach and she seems so happy.

An interesting

fact about Maria Teresa Matus

is that the news of her separation from Arturo Vidal was first rumored when she stopped following him on Instagram. But still she adores the father of her children.

When she was asked “how is your relationship with the father of your children?” she answered on her Instagram page “Excellent, I adore him!” which shocked many of her followers. Her answer made everyone sure that they have no problems with each other and even they remained friends.

He is a very famous person in social platforms. He has more than 14 million followers on his Instagram page (


). He also has Facebook and Twitter which his fans can have access to and read his posts and see his pictures.

He posts pictures of his family, vacation, everyday life and professional trainings and meeting. If you are a fan of the


player, you check out his Instagram page.

Maria Teresa Matus’s ex-husband

Arturo Erasmo Vidal Pardo also known as Arturo Vidal was born on May 22, 1987 in Chile. He is a professional football player who currently plays for Inter Milan.

Vidal’s childhood wasn’t easy. He was born in a huge family with his parents and his 3 siblings. His father, Erasmo Vidal was a drug addict and he worked as a shipper and his mother, Jacqueline Pardo who was a housekeeper. His three siblings are Sandrino Vidal, Ámbar Vidal and Victoria Vidal.

Money was a big issue for this family and Arturo had to leave school at a very young age in order to make money for the family. “When I was young I lived in a dangerous neighbourhood. I had a very hard childhood, my mother took care of the five brothers alone, and she sacrificed a lot. Thanks to her I can now give her a better life.” He said about his childhood.

He started working in a horse race track and since the money wasn’t enough, he started gambling. After he tried many different ways of making money, he finally looked at football as a profession. Marcelo Sales, Chilean football player was a big motivation for Arturo as a young kid.

Arturo Vidal club career

After a few games, his uncle noticed his talents and sent him to the Colo-Colo but money problems showed up again. “When I was a kid I couldn’t sign for Colo Colo until I was 12, and the first time I tried, we didn’t have enough money for the journeys or equipment; we needed the money at home.” He said.

Colo-Colo and Bayer Leverkusen

His first professional team was Colo-Colo. After the first season palying for this team, he became a key player on the team and made the team to become the champion again.

In 2007, he left Colo-Colo and signed a $ 11 million fee with the German club,

Bayer Leverkusen

when he was only 20 years old.

He attended his first game for the team on August 19, 2007 in which was the first lost for him too. The team lost to Hamburger SV.

His first goal for this club was in his third game for Bayer Leverkusen. He also had some accident in this team. On March 8, in the match against

VfL Bochum

he suffered from concussion and had to leave the team for a month.

In the semi-finals of the 2008 – 2007 season he scored a goal right after he was back at the team and caused Bayer Leverkusen to go to the finals. Although they lost to the

Werder Bremen

but Arturo had proved that he is a great football player.

In his final season, Arturo assisted 11 goals and scored 2 goals in the round 16 of the UEFA Europa League. He scored 5 goals for Cola-Cola and 21 goals for Bayer Leverkusen at the end of his career for these two clubs.


The next four years after Bayer Leverkusen, Arturo played for the Italian football club,


. His transfer fee was € 10.5 million. His first game for the team was on September 2011 which was in the 2011 – 2012 season that the team went on undefeated.

In the next season, Arturo scored his first champion league goal and he led Juventus to its another

Serie A

title and became the Player of the year by the club’s fans in a voting on the Juventus website. In this season he had a knee surgery which caused him to miss a few games.

The last season on Juventus, Arturo helped the team to win the Coppa Italiana and the Serie A. The team also got to the 2015 UEFA Champions League finals but lost to



For his great performance in the 2015 UEFA Champions League, he became the 8th best player of the league in Europe. He scored 48 goals in a total of 171 games for Juventus.

Bayern Munich

After spending four years in Italy, Arturo joined

Bayern Munich

in 2015 with a € 37 million fee. His first game for the team was in the DFL-Supercup in 2015. Thanks to Arturo’s great performance, Bayern Munich earned a nomination for the for the 2015 UEFA Team of the Year.

In the 2016 – 2017, Bayern Munich claimed its 25th


title and remained undefeated throughout the season. In the 2017 – 2018 season, Arturo’s first goals of the season was in the match against

Schalke 04

. This season he had a very bad knee injury that he had to go through surgery and miss a few games of the season. After playing 124 games for Bayern Munich, Arturo scored 22 goals for the team.

Barcelona and Inter Milan

In August 2018, Arturo signed a € 19 million transfer deal with Barcelona for three years. His first game for the team was against the Spanish club,

Sevilla FC

in which Barcelona won 2-1.

He scored his first goals in was in the home game against

Real Madrid

which Barcelona won with the great 5-1 result. He also assisted the winning goals for Barcelona and made the team to secure the

La Liga

title in 2019.

His last game for Barcelona in the 2019 – 2020 season was against his former team Bayern Munich at the UEFA champions league quarter-finals. “Bayern will be playing against the best team in the world: Barca. They aren't playing against some random Bundesliga team. It's going to be a proper football game. They better be ready for us, because we're looking forward to the challenge.” He said about the game.

However, Barcelona lost that game with the shocking 8-2 result. In a total of 96 games in Barcelona, Arturo Vidal scored 11 goals for the team.

After two season of playing in Barcelona, Arturo came back to Italy and this he played for Inter Milan. His first goal for the club was in the game against


on January 13, 2021 in the Coppa Italia. “I was at Juventus for four seasons, but now I’m only thinking about the present and the future and doing something new.

The Coach and I had spoken often about working with each other again. I want to give my absolute all and put my heart and soul into playing for Inter,” he said when he was asked about leaving Juventus and if it was hard for him.

Arturo Vidal international career

He started his international career from the under 20

Chilean national team

. In the 2007 FIFA Under-20 World cup, Arturo Vilas scored two gamed and helped Chile to finish the tournament as the 3rd team.

He was invited to team to play at the 2015 Copa América which Chile won after winning the final game against



Arturo became the man of the match and later his team was named as the 2015 Copa América Team of the Tournament thanks to Arturo Vilal’s great performance.

During this tournament Arturo had an accident with his Ferrari while he was drunk and that made him to come back from the hospital in a police car and had to go to a court in the charge of drunk driving!

Although Chile was not qualified for the 2018 FIFA world cup after losing 3-0 to Brazil, the team managed to get to the quarter-finals of the 2019 Copa América in which Chile won 5-4 in the penalty shoot-out.

After winning


at the quarter-finals, Chile faced Argentina and although Arturo scored a goal (penalty), Chile lost the game and titled as the 3rd team of the tournament. When he was asked if playing in Bundesliga had helped him to win this cup, he said, “Yes, a great deal.

I had a great year and the only thing I didn't win was the Champions League. I've grown a lot in the year I've been here, and that helped me get into top form to win a second Copa America title.” In total, Arturo Vidal played 119 games for the national team and scored 32 goals till today.

Maria Teresa Matus net worth and salary

The final fact about Maria Teresa Matus is her net worth and salary. Thanks to her social media posts,

Maria Teresa Matus net worth

is between $ 1 million to $ 5 million at the age of 33. We guess that her income source is her Instagram page and also the ads that she do for the brands that she works for as a model.

There is no information about

Maria Teresa’s salary

so we leave that part in the hope that there will be more information in the future.

Arturo Vidal’s net worth has been valued $16 million and he receives € 9 million annually. These are because Arturo Vidal is sponsored by great and big brands like Nike and also he was on the cover of the South American version of the FIFA 14, the video game alongside Lionel Messi.


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