Jason Tindall is mad at the referee

Sun 17 January 2021 | 0:58

Bournemouth boss is mad at David Webb who sent off Lerma.



Jason Tindall

is mad the referee who sent off

Jefferson Lerma

in a game that they were defeated.

I thought it was an outrageous decision. I think everyone that would have seen it would agree with that. I can’t believe the referee would come to that conclusion,” said Tindall.

“I thought we were doing well until that point and that we were by far the better team and that we would have won that comfortably.

“It was a pivotal moment. Jeff’s gone up for a header, one of their lads has knocked him off balance and he caught him with his trailing arm.

“When a decision is that blatantly wrong, you can’t help but be angry and even at half-time the lads couldn’t believe the decision,”

Here is what Luton Town boss

Nathan Jones

said about the referee’s decision:

“If I was Jason I’d be a little bit narked about it but these things happen. The fact that it was a raised elbow, you can understand why the ref’s given it,

“These are a fantastic side at this level. They’ve been recruiting for the Premier League so we knew we’d have to really do well to get something here.

“It was a wonderful, wonderful win for us. To get four points from Bournemouth this season, however you get it, is brilliant.

“They probably had about £200 million on the pitch there and about £1.5 million of it was us,”

source: SportMob