Pirlo: ‘we will try to improve and learn from the mistakes’

Tue 01 December 2020 | 18:05

Andrea Pirlo has said that he is ‘not worried’ about their result against Benevento and they will try to improve and bounce back for their next game against Dynamo Kyiv.



Andrea Pirlo

has said that he is ‘not worried’ about their draw against


and has analyzed the game and they are just going to ‘improve and learn from the mistakes.’

Juventus are going to face

Dynamo Kyiv

tomorrow and want to bounce back from their poor performance in the game against Benevento. Pirlo said that Cuadrado and Danilo could rest for tomorrow’s match.

He also talked about his own words after the match against Benevento.

“I don’t think I said such strong words in Benevento,” Pirlo said at a press conference. “You need to have more desire to achieve the result and manage the moments of the match in a better way.

“I don’t think I was hard, it’s just a fact. Tomorrow we will think about putting the best players on the pitch because all the games are important.

“However, Cuadrado and Danilo could rest, they have played a lot.

“I’m absolutely not worried. In Benevento, it was a game to win, we weren’t good at closing the match and then they finished well.

“But it can happen, we analyzed the game, and we will try to improve and learn from the mistakes we have made.”

Pirlo also talked about the roles of

Dejan Kulusevski


Paulo Dybala

in the team.

“[Kulusevski] has always played in the same position. All the young players who arrived at Juventus have followed the same path and I’m happy with what they’re bringing,” Pirlo added.

“Dybala often drops deep to be more involved and get more space. We always work together on the spaces that he must occupy.

“He must play easy and be in a position to be prepared for the attacking phase.”

source: SportMob