Hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021

Sat 08 January 2022 | 20:29

Who are the hottest Juventus WAGs in 2021? How much do we know about the wives and girlfriends of the Juventus squad? Read on as we provide more information about both the professional and personal lives of these footballers and their significant others.

We all go home to someone at some point in our lives, whether it is our friend, parents, siblings, children or our significant others. Those playing for Juventus in the new season of football are also human and have their own personal lives. Many of these world-class talents already have a significant other and the club’s supporters are more than eager to find out more about these beautiful ladies.

Juventus were the undisputed champions of the Serie A for more than eight years and no one could even get close to their lead in previous years. However, the Italian side have slipped in the race for the league title since last season and things have only gotten worse with Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure.

However, the club’s supporters are at least glad their current players are together with the

Juventus WAGs in 2021

. If you too are eager to know more about the personal lives of these footballers and their significant others, then follow us below as we delve deeper to find out more about the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021.

Hottest Juventus WAGs in 2021

From Wojciech Szczesny’s wife, who has an even more difficult name to pronounce, to Alvaro Morata’s wife Alice Campello and Matthijs de Ligt’s girlfriend Annekee Molenaar, there are some astonishingly beautiful ladies on the list of hottest Juventus wives and girlfriends in 2021. So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about them.

Marina Luczenko-Szczesna

  • Significant other: Wojciech Szczesny

Poland is known for so many incredible things with a rich historical background. However, there is one thing that the great country is known for all around the world and that is the fact that the Polish names are utterly difficult to pronounce. All jokes aside, Wojciech Szczesny is one of the best goalkeepers of his generation and has managed to bench a couple of other world-class legends throughout his career.

That is actually why the Poland international believes he is the best goalkeeper in the world. While this claim might be up for debate, there is no denying the fact that the Juventus man certainly has quality. As one of the best players at the Serie A side, many have been curious about Szczesny’s personal life and his partner. Marina Luczenko-Szczesna, mostly known as Marina, is the wife of the Polish goalkeeper and is one of the

hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021

. Marina is a Polish singer and celebrity and has her own follower base on social media.

She has been active since 1998 and is quite well-known back in her home country and the neighboring nations. Born on 3 July 1989, Marina grew up to be a child celebrity by taking part in several singing contests and TV programs. She rose to international fame after taking part in the New Wave contest, which is a singing competition for young performer of popular music.

After coming third in the competition, Marina used her earnings to further boost her status. The Polish celebrity married Szczesny in 2016 and has since given birth to a son named Liam. As one of the hottest Juventus wives and girlfriends in 2021, Marina has more than 761k followers on Instagram, on which she shares snaps of her stunning figure, beauty routines and glamour shots, while also posting pictures of her happy family.

Annekee Molenaar

  • Significant other: Matthijs de Ligt

While the era of Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique is slowly coming to an end, exciting prospects such as Matthijs de Ligt and Ruben Dias are replacing world-class superstars with their incredible performances. Matthijs de Ligt is one of the best center-backs of his generation and has certainly attracted quite a lot of attention throughout the years.

The Netherlands international joined the Bianconeri for a massive fee of €85 million after impressing the world with his defensive prowess at


. As one of the most expensive defenders in the world, the Dutchman has to be aware of his actions as his supporters and the whole world watches his work. That is why being in a romantic relationship with such a footballer could be both flattering and exhausting at the same time.

Matthijs de Ligt is currently dating Annekee Molenaar and the two have been together since 2018. Molenaar was born on 14 September 1999 in Zaandam, Netherlands. She was born to a footballing family as her father used to be a semi-professional footballer playing in the center-back position, just like her boyfriend. Perhaps it is true that girls choose their significant others based on their similarity with their fathers and boys choose their significant others based on their similarity to their mothers.

Annekee is an Instagram model and is considered to be one of the

hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021

. She has more than 463k followers on the social media platform and enjoys her lavish style of living alongside her boyfriend and two dogs. She is usually seen supporting her significant other at the stadium while wearing beautiful clothing. Being a football enthusiast amongst


WAGs in 2021, perhaps de Ligt’s fans are hoping something serious and good happens in the near future between the Dutchman and his girlfriend.

Martina Maccari

  • Significant other: Leonardo Bonucci

While Matthijs de Ligt is still an aspiring center-back with lots of hopes and dreams, his teammate Leonardo Bonucci is considered to be one of the greatest defenders of his generation at the age of 34. The Italian center-back started his illustrious career at Inter after rising up the ranks at the club’s youth team. He first joined Juventus back in 2010 as he moved to Turin from Bari for €15 million.

After a brief spell at

AC Milan

for a single season in 2017, the Italy international returned to Juventus to further improve his career. Being one of the best center-backs in Serie A history, Leonardo Bonucci has numerous supporters around the world and many are certainly curious to find out more about his persona life and his life partner. The Euro 2020 winner married stunning lady Martina Maccari way back in 2011 after three years of dating. The two first met each other through a mutual friend and they hit it off from the very beginning.

Being one of the

hottest Juventus WAGs in 2021

, Maccari has given birth to three children throughout the years, with her two sons Lorenzo and Matteo arriving in 2012 and 2014 respectively and their daughter being born in February 2019. Martina, as a mother of three, is a former model and blogger who owns a couple of accounts on social media platforms. She has more than 247k followers on Instagram and posts about a variety of subjects and daily matters.

With such a long-running marriage, Leonardo and Martina are certainly enjoying their lives together with their lovely children. With the Italian center-back already having gone through the thought of hanging up his boots after his son’s illness, we will have to wait and see how long we have got to enjoy the footballer’s defensive prowess.

Carolina Bonistalli

  • Significant other: Giorgio Chiellini

The Bonucci-Chiellini duo is one of the greatest defensive duos of all time and we are grateful we got to witness the two Italian defenders grace the pitch. The 37-year-old defender joined Juventus from


for €7 million way back in 2005 and has since been with the Bianconeri with his impressive defensive skills.

Having won the Euro 2020 alongside his teammate Bonucci, the two Italy internationals gained more global fame as they once again set foot onto the big stage after spending a couple of seasons behind the curtains. Chiellini’s wife Carolina might not be a world-famous celebrity with millions of followers, but that is exactly why the two are such a happy couple. Carolina usually prefers to stay out of the limelight as she tends to her chores at home while also taking care of the children.

The two lovebirds first met at a football event and they have been madly in love with each other ever since. After dating for several years, Chiellini finally proposed to his then-girlfriend in 2010. They got engaged after the beautiful Italian lady said yes and the two went on to remain engaged for four years, before finally deciding to tie the knot in 2014.

As one of the

hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021

, even though Carolina is mostly tending to the matters at home and does not work as a supermodel, she still has more than 50k followers on Instagram as she keeps her and her husband’s fans updated on what goes on in their lives.

Melissa Botero

  • Significant other: Juan Cuadrado

Next on the list of hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021 is Juan Cuadrado’s wife Melissa Botero who has been with the Colombian skiller for several years. Cuadrado has always been a formidable right-back thanks to his attacking prowess and his incredible dribbling ability. He spent a couple of years on loan at Juventus from


to finally earn himself a permanent move to the Italian side.

He joined the Bianconeri from Chelsea for a whopping fee of €20 million back in 2017 and turned so many heads towards himself, his career and his personal life. With Cuadrado’s arrival as a permanent signing, many more were intrigued to find out more about the right-back’s wife Melissa Botero, who had been a part of the Colombia international’s life since 2013. Botero is one of the more usual football wags as she has quite a strong follower base on Instagram and enjoys a lavish style of living.

Having met Cuadrado way back in 2013, the two dated for about three years before deciding to tie the knot in 2016. Botero has more than 189k followers on Instagram and keeps her and her husband’s fans updated on their lovely life by sharing beautiful snaps with cute poses. Looking at her fabulous physique and figure, one might shocked to know that as one of the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021, Melissa is the proud mother of two beautiful children, both of whom are Cuadrado’s.

Juventus WAGs in 2021 are mostly models or have model-like features and figures, which is why Botelo tries her best to keep up the good work by training beside her husband in the gym or at home. Her daily workout routine has certainly paid off as her packs can be seen from far away, which is why she is amongst the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021 to begin with.

Melany la Blanca

  • Significant other: Rodrigo Bentancur

Rodrigo Bentancur is one of the finer midfielders to have joined Juventus in recent years, despite his dip in form in the past couple of months. The Argentinian joined the Bianconeri from Boca Juniors for €15 million in 2017 and suddenly saw his market value soar through the sky as it reached more than €50 million in no time. However, the past couple of months have not been going very well for the central midfielder as his market value has dropped to half of what it used to be.

However, there has been one constant in the 24-year-old footballer’s life, and that constant has been Melany la Blanca. Melany is Rodrigo’s fiancé and has been with the talented footballer for more than five years. The couple started dating back in 2015 and quickly developed a strong relationship in which both sides were comfortable and happy. Having grown up together in the same town, one could even count Melany and her significant other as childhood sweethearts.

Perhaps that’s why Bentancur did not waste any more time as he proposed to his girlfriend in 2017. Now that the two are engaged, many are eagerly waiting to see when they will finally tie the knot. As one of the

hottest Juventus wives and girlfriends in 2021

Melany has attracted quite a lot of attention towards her beauty and personality, even though she prefers to keep most of her personal information private. The Uruguayan midfielder’s fiancé has more than 42k followers on Instagram and posts stunning snaps of her incredible figure while enjoying life on vacation with her husband-to-be.

Colleen Rowland

  • Significant other: Aaron Ramsey

Imagine living with someone whose goals result in the death of a celebrity. Of course we are joking about the meme that was circulating around the world during Aaron Ramsey’s spell at


. The joke was that whenever the Welshman scored for the Gunners, someone high-profile would die in the next day or even a couple of hours after his goal. The 31-year-old midfielder was once considered to be one of the best footballers playing in the middle of the park.

However, constant injuries and fitness issues have forced him off the pitch as his market value has dropped to a mere €5 million. However, these shortcomings have not stopped the former Arsenal midfielder from enjoying his life with one of the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021. Ramsey is currently married to Colleen Rowland, whom he has been with for more than eight years.

They actually started dating long before getting married as they spent a couple of years dating before finally tying the knot on 8 June 2014. Colleen was born on 2 September 1990, which means that she is the same age as her husband, who is also 31 years old. The stunning beauty changed her last name to Ramsey after marrying the Welsh footballer.

As one of the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021, Colleen has hit 22k followers on Instagram, on which she mostly shares snaps of delicious cuisines and various dishes, with her Instagram bio claiming that she is “Enjoying life through food”. Aaron and Colleen have welcomed three children into their lives throughout the years, whose names are Sonny, Tomas and Teddy.

Veronica Ciardi

  • Significant other: Federico Bernardeschi

Even though Federico Bernardeschi and his partner Veronica Ciardi are newlyweds and have been married for only a couple of months, they have been together for much longer than that as the two already have a three-year-old child together. After rising up the ranks at Fiorentina’s youth academy, the Italian winger went on to spend a couple of seasons at the club’s senior side before finally joining Juventus for a whopping fee of €40 million in the summer of 2017. Ciardi and Bernardeschi first started dating back in 2016 through a mutual friend.

However, things did not go as the two had planned as they decided to terminate their relationship after only a year of dating. We would not have had the chance to include the fabulous beauty on our list of hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021 had the two decided to remain friends without benefits. They gave their relationship another chance in 2019, which led to the birth of their child in the same year.

It took Federico two to three years to finally pop the question as they finally tied the knot in 2021. Ciardi was born in July 1985, which means that she is 36 years old and is actually nine years older than her significant other. She has more than 184k followers on Instagram and usually posts rather personal or social images on the platform. She also shares incredible snaps of her beautiful figure as she is, after all, one of the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021.

Oriana Sabatini

  • Significant other: Paulo Dybala

Next on the list of hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021 is Paulo Dybala’s model girlfriend Oriana Sabatini, who is one of the more famous wags at the club. Dybala is considered to be one of the most vital parts of the Juventus squad and has been performing at his best since first joining the Bianconeri from


for a massive fee of €41 million back in 2015. Dybala’s girlfriend might not be as famous as the Argentina international himself, but she surely is a well-known celebrity back in her home country.

Sabatini is an Argentine singer, actress and model and is quite successful at the age of 25. She was born on 19 April 1996 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Osvaldo Sabatini and Catherine Fulop, both of whom are famous film performers. She rose to fame as a TV star by appearing the Uruguayan Telenovela Porque te quiero asi back in 2011. She dated actor and Youtuber Julian Serrano from 2014 to 2017, before finally meeting Paulo Dybala a year after her breakup with Serrano.

The former Palermo forward started to date Oriana in July 2018 and the two have been together ever since. As one of the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021, Oriana’s incredible figure has attracted quite a lot of followers throughout the years. She has more than 5.6 million on Instagram and is considered to be a successful celebrity and model for herself. She is usually seen wearing designer clothes and sexy outfits on sets or on vacation, while enjoying her over-the-top lifestyle with her boyfriend.

Alice Campello

  • Significant other: Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata has been on the move so much lately that many have been confused about where the Spaniard plays football. Morata first joined Juventus from

Real Madrid

way back in 2014 and went on to impress everyone with his goal-scoring prowess. That is why Los Blancos paid €30 million to bring him back two seasons later in 2016.

However, the striker’s spell at Real Madrid proved to be too short as he joined


a year later and went on to switch clubs once again by joining Atletico Madrid. He is now on loan at Juventus, which is why Alice Campello is listed amongst the hottest Juventus players' WAGs in 2021 instead of Atletico Madrid WAGs.




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